Sentry Knight Update 3

2014-01-13 17:25:11 by JWolfGames

Huge update! Took all day to implement, but it's a good one!

  • Added two more tiers to Blacksmith Upgrades.
  • Getting 3 Stars on a world will reward you with a Talent Point.
  • Space Bar will now send the wave early, no more clicking necessary.
  • Changed the saving system to reduce load on CPU. No more crashing during saves for lower-end CPUs!
  • The ‘Lively’ spell has been changed to grant 100 hit points total to Max HP instead of 50% of Max HP.
  • The ‘Decaying Grip’ spell now permanently decreases enemy speed when your ‘Death Reach’ spell hits.
  • Endless Mode difficulty increases much faster.
  • Penguins now carry more gold.
  • Fixed issue where player maxes out all three trees but gets stuck in the Talent Tree because they have no place to put their point.
  • Fixed issue with awkward XP increments.
  • Other small, backend fixes.


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