Sentry Knight Update 4

2014-01-14 22:56:05 by JWolfGames

Another huge patch was pushed today! As always, clear your browser cache to verify that the game's swf has been updated!


  • Endless Mode has now been increased in difficulty. Bosses will come in every 5 minutes or so. Keep a look out because enemies will also continue to creep in while bosses are on the stage!
  • Adjusted Endless Mode enemy scaling. All enemies now have their health adjusted according to the player’s current level.
  • Added Endless Mode leaderboard scores. Your score will automatically be submitted when you die on Endless Mode and if it’s higher than your previous score, it will update!
  • Decaying Grip now is a proc skill, meaning it has a chance to reduce enemy speed instead of always reducing enemy speed.
  • Changed Decaying Grip tooltip to make more sense.
  • Hopefully fixed Spell Boon not affecting certain spells.
  • Fixed all the medals that were not previously working. Some may activate when you first go to the World Map, others you may need to accomplish again!
  • Fixed the bug where you got stuck in the Talent Point notification. You now stop gaining new talent points at level 70 to make room for the 8 points you get from 3 starring each world.
  • Fixed misspelling of Bestiary.


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2014-01-30 16:28:41

what program did you use to make sentry knight?