Entry #7

New Game in Progress!

2014-03-24 02:38:06 by JWolfGames

Hey guys!

We're (Tyler, myself and Jason) are currently hard at work on our next project. It's going to be a doozie, that's for sure! I'm so excited to have the opportunity to work on it; it truly feels like our first "real" game. This mainly due to the fact that you can play the game on more than just your browser window! It's only a little over a week old and it already feels game-worthy. I'm really enjoying working on it. In fact, Iook forward to working on it each day I wake up!

That's right! We're venturing into the oh-so-scary mobile business. The game will be released simutaneously on PC/Mac (browser-based), iOS and Android! The game is truly made for handheld devices and it feels buttery smooth to play. If you're interested in keeping up with our progress, please go to my website and follow me (it's a Tumblr)! I'll be regularly posting updates, screenshots and eventually videos of the game!

We're super pumped and have high-hopes for this project. We hope you guys are as hyped as we are for it. If not, GET HYPE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?


- Justin


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2014-03-24 04:01:01

looks pretty cool

(Updated ) JWolfGames responds:

Thanks, Stix! Lovely little game you got there with EMIT! Grats on the frontpage! (second slot, too!)


2014-03-24 06:48:46

Oo this looks great!
I'd love to offer my voice acting services should you have any female (or monster) roles available. Even if it's just combat/reaction sounds you're after, I'd love to help out.
You can find all the projects I've voiced for on Newgrounds on my page, so feel free to check some of them out and private message me if you're interested!
Best of luck regardless! :)

JWolfGames responds:

We're actually on the lookout for voice actors! We'll definitely take a look at you'd portfolio. Thanks for your interest!


2014-03-24 08:02:42

Sounds good, been looking for a new fun game for my ipod touch. Keep it up :)

JWolfGames responds:

If you're into any new-age turn based RPGs, you'll love it (hopefully!). Think Mario & Luigi series + Paper Mario + Final Fantasy.


2014-03-24 16:42:58

You're the one who has developed Sentry Knight and Dino Shift 2 :D
I loved both of them. Nice concept, art, music and game-play :D
I don't have Tumbler for the moment so I'll be following you here.
I hope to see more of your stuff :)

JWolfGames responds:

Thanks! I'll try to synchronize all postings I do on Tumblr to my Newgrounds blog as well, for those that don't use Tumblr. :D


2014-03-24 17:06:49

Looks great. I can't wait to play it when it's released :)

JWolfGames responds:

Many thanks, buddy!


2014-03-24 20:22:40

I love all your games and i know ill feel the same about this one.:)

JWolfGames responds:

Thanks, gman!


2014-12-16 23:58:09

Just beat Sentry Knight 2 - love your work dude! :) Looking forward to your next game! Question - Do you program in AS3 or another language? If AS3 - do you plan to target mobile devices using Adobe Air?

(Updated ) JWolfGames responds:

Thanks, Hero101! I really appreciate it. I do program in AS3 using the FlashPunk library. Unfortunately, due to how FlashPunk works, it's not very viable on mobile devices. However, with games that (will eventually be made by us) require mobile, I will be using an AS3 mobile-compatible engine that utilizes Stage3D, like Starling!